Christmasmarket Kassel 2015

The beautiful Christmas in Kassel. Every day is a day inviting look around and buy in a unique Christmas atmosphere at Kassel.
The beautiful stands and atmosphere of burning almonds and bread bakery. Sometimes shows and attractions for visitors.

illustrative photo Christmas Germany 03
(This image is illustrative and is not from city Kassel)

Hours open

(start from 24.Nov 2015)

23.dec until 20:00 . 24,25, 26.dec closed


The Christmas-Market start at Monday, Nov 24. 2014.
For visitors looking for a real Christmas experience.
With dozens of often attractively decorated stalls selling Christmas decorations, articles, carved wooden toys and lovingly produced crafts .
You enjoy the offerings and attractions gedurende 37 dagen in Kassel.

foto ter illustratie

Aangepast op :26/05/2015

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